Work From Home

Make Your Own Schedule Get Paid Hourly Residual Bonus

be flexible

Make your own schedule

Time is important and with New Tech Virtual Solutions you are in control of it. You will have the flexibility of making your own schedule, so you can work as much or as little as you want and if an emergency pops up just simply release the hours you need.

be stable

Get consistent hourly pay

Consistency is key to your success. With New Tech Virtual Solutions you will have the freedom of running your own company coupled with the stability of hourly pay and a consistent paycheck, to give you some right now money to take care of things while you build your business.

be more

Generate residual income

We all want to be more, and New Tech Virtual Solutions can help you become it. Along with hourly pay you will also have the ability to generate residual income through our comprehensive bonus program. You can generate an additional steady income that will continue to grow month after month.