Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Q: Why should I work with New Tech Virtual Solutions?

A: As a work at home agent with New Tech Virtual Solutions you will have the freedom of being your own boss and setting your own schedule coupled with the stability of a consistent paycheck you can count on. Not to mention the opportunity to generate residual income that will grow and grow every month.

Q: Can I do it in my state?

A: You can have your home office located any where in the United States excluding California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and Wisconsin.

Q: Why do I have to supply my own equipment?

A: You will need use your own equipment because you are your own business and in order to start your own business you must have the required equipment.

Q: What is an IBO?

A: An IBO is an independent business, New Tech Virtual Solutions is your IBO.

Q: What is a CSP?

A: CSP stands for Client Support Professional. This is what your title will be while servicing our clients.

Q: What is the agent fee?

A: The Agent Fee is to maintain the portal so that you can run your virtual call center. This pays for the infrastructure that we provides so that you are able to service the client, including the Arise 24-Hour Client Technical Support Help Desk and StarMatic® scheduling system. And the upkeep of your New Tech back office where you are able to view your check stubs, keep track of your residual bonus income, upload documents, etc.

Q: Why do I have to pay for training?

A: To ensure that you are serious about working with our company you are required to pay for the cost of training upfront, but the good news is you are reimbursed up to $100.00 for the cost of training after 90 days of servicing.

Q: What is the cost of training?

A: Training costs will vary depending on the client opportunity that is chosen and can range from $19.99 and up.

Q: Why do I have to do a background check?

A: The background check is required in order to run your virtual call center and service our available clients. This is for the security of Arise clients and their customers, a background check is mandatory and includes: a national criminal history search, a name and Social Security Number verification, and a current address verification.

Please note:  In Regards to the criminal history report, only criminal convictions are considered and a conviction does not necessarily preclude an individual from providing services on behalf of a company. When evaluating this information, Arise considers all relevant factors including the bearing the criminal offense may have on the services required by the particular project

Q: Do I have to pay for a background check?

A: No, you do not pay for your background check it’s free of charge.

Q: What if I don’t pass the background check?

A: Communication will be sent via regular postal mail to the address you entered for the First Advantage background check order. If you do not pass the back ground check you will not be eligible to join the New Tech Network or the Arise Partners network. The background check is non-refundable.

Q: How long does it take for the back ground check to come back?

A: It may take up to 5 business days for the back ground check to be completed.

Q: What is the Voice Assessment?

A: This is an assessment that you will take over the phone to judge the professionalism of your voice.

Please note: The results of the voice assessment are automatically determined by the system. Please make sure there is no background noise or sound.

Q: How quickly will I get the results of the Voice Assessment?

A: The Voice Assessment results are typically posted within 5 minutes of completion. If your results have not been updated, please refresh your browser window, or sign out and sign back in. If the results still have not posted, please contact Enrollment.

Q: What happens if I fail the Voice Assessment?

A: If you fail the Voice Assessment, you will not be able to enroll in that client program at this time, or in any program for 90 days. After 90 days, you will again be able to express interest and take any of the required assessments for available client programs.

Q: How long is the training?

A: Completion time for client certification courses varies by client. Certification courses can last from a few days to 8 weeks, depending on the client application.

Q: Do I get Paid for Training?

A: No Service Revenue payments are made while you are in certification unless your client has a nesting period for which you will receive payment for that nesting period.

Q: What is a nesting period?

A: The nesting period is the period of time during certification when an agent will be taking live calls with an instructor providing guidance and assistance during and after the call.

Please note: Not all client programs have or provide a nesting period.

Q: What If I fail Certification?

A: If you fail your client certification you will not be offered the opportunity to service the client and you will not receive a refund of any money paid for the certification. You are welcome to express interest in another client and in some instances, you can express interest in the same client again.

Please note: You will need to submit payment for any new certification

Q: What is the hourly pay?

A: Your hourly pay will depend on the client program you service, and will vary with each positions.

Please note: You can contact the human resource department for more information.

Q: How soon can I start referring people once I join?

A: You can start referring people immediately after registering with New Tech Virtual Solutions.

Q: How do I get credit for my referrals?

A: Just send out your referral link and when someone uses it to register, your name will be automatically saved in the referred by box on the registration page. You can view your referral link and your referrals in the My Account section.

Q: When do I get paid for my referrals?

A: Once the person you referred completes training and gets their first check you will start receiving your monthly residual bonus for as long as they remain an active agent.

Please note: You have to be an actively servicing agent to receive your referral bonus.

Q: When do I get paid?

A: You are paid twice a month, the 15th and the last day of the month. All payments will be via ACH direct deposit to your bank account.

Please note: If you do not have a bank account you can use a prepaid money card such as a Wal-Mart card or Green Dot Card.

Q: When will I receive my bonus?

A: Bonuses are paid out at the end of the month. They will be added to your regular check.

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